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Best Car seats for Babies


Car seats for babies are specially designed for babies whose ages range from new-borns to infants. The best car seats for babies provide comfort to the babies to either sleep or sit in a car with ease.

What are the advantages of car seats for babies?

There are several advantages that will compel you into buying an optimal car seat with a good baby pillow for padding. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Variety

The car seats come in wide variety for you to choose from, varying in size, height, weight and so on. This will aid you in buying the right car seat for the right age. There are generally three types of car seats – infant car seats, booster seats, and convertible car seats

  • Mobility

Car seats for babies are adjustable and give you a lot of mobility and comfort when you are out shopping or traveling.

  • Security

You can use this to protect your baby against any major accidents or an attempted kidnaping.

Which are the best car seats for babies?

There are different car seats that are designed to suit babies of different ages [before the infant stage]. There are also many brands who have specialized in making the car seats for babies. Some of them are:

  • Chicco KeyFit Infant Car seat

This is a type of car seat that is strongly recommended for premature infants. You can adjust the seat to fit varying sizes without compromising on the security and comfort. You can not only use it in cars but also use it like a baby carrier in an airplane.

  • Evenflo SafeMax

If you want your child to have more support, then this car seat will suit your requirements. It has a unique canopy that is equipped with an anti-rebound bar. This is a useful feature when you need to press the brake of the car suddenly. The interior of the seat is made up of EPS foam lines, which makes it an impact-resistant seat for the baby.

  • Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

This is a versatile car seat that can hold an infant weighing between 5 and 22 pounds. A special feature in this type of car seat is that, you can customize it as per the weight of the baby. It is also compatible with different type of strollers.

In conclusion, while selecting the best car seats for babies you will find a lot of variety. The best ones are those that provide comfort as well as security in the car for your baby.

The best stroller for twins


Having twins is not an easy task as it requires you to have a double of everything. When it comes to strollers however it is impossible for the parent to push two strollers at the same time especially if they are taking a stroll in the neighborhood or a power walk. It is therefore important that the parent finds the best stroller for twins to make the task of navigating around with the twins easy.

Types of twin strollers

The best strollers for twins can be mainly classified into three types namely the basic double frame strollers, the full-featured double strollers and the double umbrella strollers. The basic double frame strollers are only used for the purpose of carrying babies around while in the car seats. The full-featured double strollers are ideal for use since they can be used on infants as well as toddlers. The double umbrella strollers on the other hand are lightweight hence indispensable and can be used when travelling with babies who are six months and above. For the infants and the newborns the best strollers to use are the double frame strollers. This is because the double frame stroller is the best kids stroller suited for kids that are nine months and below.

Joovy Twin Roo Plus

This is a type of double frame strollers which has been designed specifically to be used in holding babies while in the car seat only. The lifespan of these strollers is therefore limited to the duration which the baby can use the infant car seat which is about twelve months or less. Most often the parents of twins will put them into use for only nine months after which the babies become too heavy to be carted around in them. The major advantage if using these frame strollers is due to their light weight nature which allows them to be easy to put in and out of the car as well as convenient to use.

Baby Jogger City Select

In rural areas or regions where uneven or non-paved roads exist the double frame strollers might not be ideal as such areas require a stroller with all-terrain wheels. If you are a parent that travels a lot with the twins then the double frame stroller can be left in the car and the Baby Jigger City double stroller kept at home. The lifestyle is one of the most important factors that will determine the best kid’s stroller for your twins.

The best stroller for kids

BlogKids Toys

It can be hard to navigate around with the new baby but with the best stroller for kids this becomes a less challenging task. Picking up the most ideal stroller for your baby ensures that when you decide to get out of the house with your baby you will not become stressed out. Strollers are essential especially for new parents when they need to do activities like running, shopping, walking around the streets during festivals, going to the mall or taking a power walk. While performing these tasks the stroller can also help your baby fall asleep especially if they are fussy. When registering for your new-born items or purchasing them do not forget to add a stroller to that list. There are several models available in the market so it up to you to select the best stroller for your kid depending on your family and specific needs.

When Do You Need a Stroller?

Majority of the strollers in the market have the capacity to hold babies till they weigh about fifty pounds. This means that your stroller can comfortably handle the weight of your baby from the day they are born till they are in preschool.

The City Mini GT

This stroller is among the best kids strollers that have been highly ranked and positively reviewed. It contains unique features like handle bars which can be adjusted, brakes that are operated by hand and wheel that are all-terrain. This stroller for kids is most ideal for individuals living in the city as it is easy to navigate the crowded streets, the subway or small stores since it can be easily folded while still holding the baby in place.

What you should know about it

Though this stroller model has been manufactured by the Baby Jogger brand the City Mini GT is not made for the purposes of jogging. This is due to the design features like the seat facing outwards and the basket being on the smaller side. The stroller has the capacity to hold weight of up to 65lbs since it weighs about 22.5lbs. The asking price is a bit costly but it has proven to be worth every single penny so no need to worry if it is a worthy investment.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller – Jake

This kid stroller has been designed in a style that is most ideal for a family that is constantly growing. The stroller can be used even for new-borns with the bassinet that can be used as a safe sleeping area while taking strolls in the neighbourhood. For easy travel the stroller can be used in combination with a compatible car seat.

Top Three Best Full Face Snorkel Mask


If you are adventurous and you love to try new thing in nature, then you must enjoy snorkeling. Stop watching Underwater Experience on YouTube or National Geographic, because it is time for you to try something new. If you are not a type of person that loves adrenaline challenge, then stay away from snorkeling. Before you grow older and older, at least you have to try once diving or snorkeling. Get the underwater experience and enjoy the sights. If you still think that coral is not alive, then you are wrong. You should try snorkeling to see live corals and get amazing interaction with fishes you will meet underwater. Snorkeling is not heavy sport that you have to prepare for months before, but it could be the early stage of diving.

Try snorkeling first, and then go diving. The first thing you have to do when you are going to snorkel is pick the best full face snorkel mask. It might not be easy to choose a mask. When you have great will for snorkeling, try full mask for better safety. Choose best full face snorkel mask to make you comfortable when you are swimming because you must need clear vision and respiration. If you have no idea what brand to choose, then you are right coming here because we have best brands of mask for you to choose giving you a guarantee of fun snorkeling once you have the right mask. Here are the top brands you can choose.

Tribord Easybreath Mask

Although it is not the best of the best, it could one of the best full face snorkel masks on the market that you can afford. In 2017, they changed the name to Subea. The only thing you can choose when you are around the beach and you wanted to snorkel is just the full faced mask that you cannot ignore. Tribord might be the best basic mask for snorkeling coming with spare oxygen and pipe for common mask that you might find in many stores. Tribord comes with tough and comfortable design that allows you to have light swimming and joyous underwater experience that you will never forget.

Ocean Reef

Another best full face snorkel mask is Ocean Reef. Don’t worry about the oxygen that you might not find for long snorkeling, this mask is different. You can get spare oxygen and you will not get bored once you are underwater. Ocean Reef comes with lots of features. One of the most notable features in Ocean Reef is the storage for you to put GoPro or another action camera that allows you to record your underwater journey. Ocean Reef comes with various types depending on your budget and also your personal preference that you can also choose any kind of model you want to go for snorkeling.

Vista Vue

The last one is Vista Vue. It is manufactured by Deep Blue Gear.  There are several cons that you might not like from Vista Vue, but Deep Blue Gear will never forget how to please swimmer. Don’t worry about the least oxygen, you still can get it from another feature. It depends on how you breathe also. Vista Vue could improve the old air and it could help you stay longer underwater than other brands.

little baby

Cradle Cap Explained!


Cradle cap is technically referred to as Seborrheic dermatitis and in adults is referred to as dandruff. In babies it looks like scales that have a yellow, green color and are present on the scalp of infants.

This is an extremely common condition that is completely harmless to your youngster and does not cause any discomfort or pain or itch to them.

Most evident in babies up the age of 2 months this problem resolves itself and generally will do on its own.

Recognizing Cradle Cap

Like I mentioned, it appears like scales on the babies head and are quite large and greasy. They will eventually flake and come off without any intervention although you can speed up the process.

I must state again that this is a very common condition and is not to be worried about! Aside from the strange look of it, it is completely normal.

The issue arises if you begin to pick at the cradle cap – infection can occur if you pick the flakes away before they are ready.

If cradle cap hasn’t resolved by the age of 3 months then it would be beneficial to visit your doctor as it could be eczema.

What Causes Cradle Cap?

It can be hard to know what is the cause of this but as it is  excess oil it could be due to overactive sebaceous glands. These glands produce sebum which is the oily substance and in excess can lead to cradle cap.

Babies are still receiving milk and vital nutrients from their mum and in the first few weeks will still have a high amount of female hormones present.

Cradle cap is a medical issue and is definitely not contagious or a result of poor hygiene.


What is the Best Treatment?

Again, there is no need to treat this but there are a few tricks I can recommend. The most simple treatment is a light wash which can stop the skin flakes from building up.

I use an oil, my preferred type is coconut but you can use any, I rub it into the scalp about 30mins before bath time. Then in the bath I give it a wash with shampoo and then I find the flakes are very loose and come away easily.

Then you can use a soft brush to gently remove the particles that are flaking away. I highly recommend a natural shampoo for your little ones sensitive scalp.

There are actually shampoos that target cradle cap and can loosen the flakes, I ama a bit skeptical of their use and really don’t agree to using chemicals on an infants head. This is a bit outrageous in my opinion. Cradle cap causes no discomfort so if you are worried about the appearance then put a beanie on them instead.


Cradle cap is a non-serious illness that is actually very common in newborn babies. There is no need to stress if your little one has patches of cradle cap, the issue will resolve itself. There are a few techniques you can use to help speed up the process and that includes a light oil, shampoo and brush.

Plagiocephaly Pillows Brands to Choose


Plagiocephaly is common thing when moms have a newborn baby. It might be a problem for several moms, but it has been a common thing that moms should not worry about. There have been many ways developed or researched to avoid it and there are also many technologies that can help a newborn baby to reshape properly. One of the best possible solutions for flat head syndrome is plagiocephaly pillows. Many people argue that this kind of pillow could increase uncomfortable feelings toward babies that mothers cannot avoid once they have used the pillow to make it back to normal. Actually, there is no need for mothers to take pillow to correct the head because when baby is growing, it will return to normal. However, sometimes the scare cannot stop chasing mothers so they finally choose plagiocephaly pillows to answer the problem as they might worry about the brain that might be impacted by flat head. If it happens around 2 months, chill. If it continues until 6 months, then try the pillows. If you have no idea what brand to choose, we have compiled the pillows brands to help you to choose the best one. What you have to do is just to make list of what brands that might be your best brand to choose. Consider the features and price before you buy. Here is the list:

Babymoon Pod

If you want to have an ergonomic baby pillow to help flat head syndrome, then Babymoon Pod is the answer. It will help to correct the head and also you could apply them to many seats like car seat, strollers, swings and more. The narrow and simple design lets the baby feel comfortable because it just fits the natural shape of the baby’s head. The material is 100% safe as it is made of safe polyester and fiberfill. Don’t worry when babies have their own sleep preference side, the sides of this pillow are all smooth and soft so it will keep the babies comfortable and safe. Yet, the progress of correcting the flat head could be faster when you buy plagiocephaly pillows for your baby.

Boppy Nogging Nest Head

Another brand you can choose when you are looking for plagiocephaly pilows is Boppy Nogging Nest Head. This brand is another ergonomic brand that is designed with comfort guarantee for babies. It is to cradle and elevate the head to natural side. The cut is suitable for any kind of accessories. This pillow could be applied in car seat, strollers, and swings. The total comfort from this pillow is guaranteed and the normal head shape is also another legit guarantee. Although, it is surely normal after 6 months, when you can make it faster, then make it faster with the pillow.

Mimos Baby Pillow

The last brand you can choose is Mimos Baby Pillow. The round baby pillow has been common in plagiocephaly pillows. You don’t have to wait 6 months or more in correcting your baby’s head. You just need even only 3 months to correct the head. It is totally safe and comfortable for newborn baby.

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