5 Important Dog Breeds that Originated from Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiffs are a type of primitive dog breed that is supposed to the source from which all the modern breeds of mastiffs originated. These are the most in-demand and popular dogs, and look like lions. Due to this reason, these come with a very high price tag. Some of these are newsmakers only because of the high expense. Find out about 5 important breeds that originated from the Tibetan Mastiff, and have similar characteristics, behavioral traits and physical traits.

Persian mastiffs

Also referred to as Sarabi, these dogs are muscular, strong and big in size. These are natives of the northern province of Iran, which shows why these are also often called Iranian Mastiffs. This type of canine is sturdy, fearless and powerful and was designed to take part in boar hunting, bear baiting, dog fight and other big games.

Pyrenean Mastiffs

These are also referred to as Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees or Great Pyrenees. The dogs are white in color and big in size, and are soft and graceful in form. These dogs have robust rear legs and muzzle. This type of canine originated from the Pyrenees Mountain’s southern slopes in Spain.

Newfoundland Dogs

These are gentle, friendly and large dogs like Tibetan mastiffs, and come from Newfoundland in Canada. The dogs are known for their wonderful talents, such as gentleness, water sports and swimming. These types of canines are the safest for small pets and children. These were groomed and developed in Canada, to pull out wood from forest and fishing nets out of water. Due to their amazing swimming abilities and strength, these dogs are trusted for tasks that require sturdiness.

Central Asian Shepherd

This type of dog is also known as Alabai. These dogs are muscular, powerful, large and ancient and originate in Central Asia. Such types of canines are available primarily in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries. Originally bred for herding and protection by shepherds, these later began to be used for dog fights.

Gaddi Dogs

These are mountain dogs that are similar to Tibetan mastiffs, and originate in Himachal, Northern India. The dogs are available primarily in the western Himalayan states, such as Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Gaddi dogs were initially groomed to be used for hunting, and local shepherds were used to guard properties and livestock. These, like Tibetan mastiffs, also came from Indigenous mastiffs and Himalayan Mountain dogs.