Plagiocephaly Pillows Brands to Choose

Plagiocephaly is common thing when moms have a newborn baby. It might be a problem for several moms, but it has been a common thing that moms should not worry about. There have been many ways developed or researched to avoid it and there are also many technologies that can help a newborn baby to reshape properly. One of the best possible solutions for flat head syndrome is plagiocephaly pillows. Many people argue that this kind of pillow could increase uncomfortable feelings toward babies that mothers cannot avoid once they have used the pillow to make it back to normal. Actually, there is no need for mothers to take pillow to correct the head because when baby is growing, it will return to normal. However, sometimes the scare cannot stop chasing mothers so they finally choose plagiocephaly pillows to answer the problem as they might worry about the brain that might be impacted by flat head. If it happens around 2 months, chill. If it continues until 6 months, then try the pillows. If you have no idea what brand to choose, we have compiled the pillows brands to help you to choose the best one. What you have to do is just to make list of what brands that might be your best brand to choose. Consider the features and price before you buy. Here is the list:

Babymoon Pod

If you want to have an ergonomic baby pillow to help flat head syndrome, then Babymoon Pod is the answer. It will help to correct the head and also you could apply them to many seats like car seat, strollers, swings and more. The narrow and simple design lets the baby feel comfortable because it just fits the natural shape of the baby’s head. The material is 100% safe as it is made of safe polyester and fiberfill. Don’t worry when babies have their own sleep preference side, the sides of this pillow are all smooth and soft so it will keep the babies comfortable and safe. Yet, the progress of correcting the flat head could be faster when you buy plagiocephaly pillows for your baby.

Boppy Nogging Nest Head

Another brand you can choose when you are looking for plagiocephaly pilows is Boppy Nogging Nest Head. This brand is another ergonomic brand that is designed with comfort guarantee for babies. It is to cradle and elevate the head to natural side. The cut is suitable for any kind of accessories. This pillow could be applied in car seat, strollers, and swings. The total comfort from this pillow is guaranteed and the normal head shape is also another legit guarantee. Although, it is surely normal after 6 months, when you can make it faster, then make it faster with the pillow.

Mimos Baby Pillow

The last brand you can choose is Mimos Baby Pillow. The round baby pillow has been common in plagiocephaly pillows. You don’t have to wait 6 months or more in correcting your baby’s head. You just need even only 3 months to correct the head. It is totally safe and comfortable for newborn baby.