The best stroller for twins

Having twins is not an easy task as it requires you to have a double of everything. When it comes to strollers however it is impossible for the parent to push two strollers at the same time especially if they are taking a stroll in the neighborhood or a power walk. It is therefore important that the parent finds the best stroller for twins to make the task of navigating around with the twins easy.

Types of twin strollers

The best strollers for twins can be mainly classified into three types namely the basic double frame strollers, the full-featured double strollers and the double umbrella strollers. The basic double frame strollers are only used for the purpose of carrying babies around while in the car seats. The full-featured double strollers are ideal for use since they can be used on infants as well as toddlers. The double umbrella strollers on the other hand are lightweight hence indispensable and can be used when travelling with babies who are six months and above. For the infants and the newborns the best strollers to use are the double frame strollers. This is because the double frame stroller is the best kids stroller suited for kids that are nine months and below.

Joovy Twin Roo Plus

This is a type of double frame strollers which has been designed specifically to be used in holding babies while in the car seat only. The lifespan of these strollers is therefore limited to the duration which the baby can use the infant car seat which is about twelve months or less. Most often the parents of twins will put them into use for only nine months after which the babies become too heavy to be carted around in them. The major advantage if using these frame strollers is due to their light weight nature which allows them to be easy to put in and out of the car as well as convenient to use.

Baby Jogger City Select

In rural areas or regions where uneven or non-paved roads exist the double frame strollers might not be ideal as such areas require a stroller with all-terrain wheels. If you are a parent that travels a lot with the twins then the double frame stroller can be left in the car and the Baby Jigger City double stroller kept at home. The lifestyle is one of the most important factors that will determine the best kid’s stroller for your twins.